Aromansse is dedicated since 1988 to bring you pure essences for your well-being.

Events occur in our lives for a reason, developing an understanding and awareness, raises our level of consciousness and mindfulness to help us evolve as a person. At Aromansse, your journey takes place on a very personal level.



We offer regular meditation Classes, Workshops and Retreats from our Winnipeg studio, Riverton Retreat Center and Retreats all around the world . 

You will quickly find out that our programs are very different from other programs you might have seen or experienced. It is not to say that those ones are better or worse than other programs, but simply different. You may recognize teachings and tools from others times and civilizations such as Tibet, India China, Egypt and other from some supposed lost continent. You will see that in our program we integrated a new modern approach and tools for today society. In our era and Western civilization this approach could be called ‘spiritual/scientific’. Do not be offended by the term ‘spiritual/scientific’, the goal of the program is to remove the gap between science and spirituality.

We invite you to learn, grow, remember, enhance your life and restore your spirit with us. Breath, Contemplate and Heal.