Amethyst Crystal Elixir Bottle

Amethyst Crystal Elixir Bottle

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Amethyst healing properties are as plentiful as the stone itself. It is thought of mostly as a protective stone. As it is linked to the crown chakra, it is helpful in purifying the mind and clearing it of negative thoughts. This includes the negativity of stress and anxiety, which is why many meditate with amethyst so as to rid themselves of that darkness. Amethyst healing properties are especially useful in regards to work-related stress because the stone is also associated with abundance; therefore relieving stress while emanating prosperity. The amethyst properties which facilitate intuition and communication can also be applied to increased work effectiveness. 

What Makes Our Elixir Bottles

  • Stainless steel
  • Glass
  • Removable Quartz
  • All Crystals are one of a kind. Color & Size may vary, each is special. 
  • Holds about 18oz of water, depending on your special Crystal
  • Weight is just under 1lb
  • Intended for water use. 
  • Fragile - hand wash only.