Maroma Apple Stem Serum

Apple stem anti ageing serum will help reduce wrinkles, improve skin’s elasticity and protects from sun damage effects. Its rich blend of natural oils and botanical extracts also helps to stimulate collagen, reduce age spots and produces elastin for a firmer and youthful looking skin.

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Swiss Apple Stem Cells: Rejuvenates prematurely ageing skin, antioxidant, fights against free radicals and stimulates skin cells into repair mode.

Pomegranate Extract: Hydrates skin, protects against sun damage, anti-wrinkle, anti-spots, and stimulates collagen and elastin production for firmer skin.

Carrot Seed:
Moisturizes, for sensitive skin, anti-ageing, rich in Vitamin E and Vitamin C.

Sandalwood: Skin softening, moisturizes, anti-ageing, anti-acne, prevents pimples, cleanses pores.

Suitable for all skin types, designed for mature skins.

Weight: 50 grams

Ingredients: Geranium, Rosemary, Lavandin, Petitgrain, Patchouli, Clarysage, Ravensara, Olibanum, Turmeric Root, Lemon, Carrot Seed, Sandalwood, Rose Absolute, Apple Plant Stem Cell Extract, Pomegranate Extract, Vitamin E and C.

How to Use: 
Apply a Small amount on Face and Neck with a gentle massage. Use alone or with a Face Cream.

Please Note: This product is 100% natural and has NO Synthetic fragrance, color, parabens or PPG, Phenoxyehenol or PEG.

Maroma believes that beauty is best shared through products that are simple, pure and natural made with love for the environment and care for the people who manufacture them.