Aroma Pro Nebuliser

Aroma Pro Nebulizer

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Wholesale - Aroma Pro Nebulizer 

Aroma Pro Nebulizer Ultrasonic Diffuser. The cold air pump and jet-style atomizer nebulizes the essential oils into micro-fine vapour making it the most effective & efficient way to diffuse essential oils into the air. NO water necessary; Attach 5/10 ml essential oil bottle directly to the unit. Compact Design Features multiple running time options (30/60/120 minutes) 4 Intermittent Mist On and 4 Intermittent Mist Off modes Ideal for larger rooms, spas, offices, studios, hotel rooms etc. BPA Free An alternative to water-based diffusers.

    Features & Specification 

  • NO water necessary 
  • Attach 5/10 ml essential oil bottle directly to the unit
  • Multiple running time options: 30, 60, 120 minutes
  • 4 intermittent mist On/off modes 
  • An alternative to water-based diffusers 
  •  Size: 9.52cm x 9.52cm x 12.7cm
  • BPA Free 

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