Pure Birch Essential Oil 10ml

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Latin name: Betula pendula, alba, lenta

Family name: Betulaceae.

Country of Origin: USA

Growing Practice: Ecologically Sensible.

Birch oil has a sweet, sharp, minty and fresh aroma. Very similar to Wintergreen. it's white color. Birch oil is widely documented in old herbal texts.

Some traditional uses: Headache to fever, cramps, gout, wounds and skin ailments. Today researchers are focusing on the possible anti cancer and HIV properties of betulinic acid a pentacyclic triterpene which is synthesized or derived from betulin. It also contains methyl salicylate(the active ingredient in aspirin) which has counter irritant and analgesic properties. Betula lenta or black birch has traditionally been used for urinary gravel, women's obstructions, gonorrhoea and rheumatism.

Blends well with: Citrus essential oils and the woody base oils. 

Warnings: Not for use when pregnant or nursing. Avoid Birch in cases of liver problems. Potentially toxic, it contains methyl salicylate, (the active ingredient in aspirin). Not to be used for anyone on blood thinning medications, the elderly or fragile.