Ylang Ylang

Pure Ylang Ylang Essential Oil 10ml from Madagascar

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Latin name: Cananga odorata

Family name: Annonaceae.

Growing Practice: Wild crafted.

This is the finest grade of Ylang Ylang from the frist distillation. It has an exotic sweet, spicy, floral scent. Ylang Ylang extra is used extensively in perfumery, mostly high end types. It is much more rich as a top note and a wonderful fixative. 

Some traditional uses: Brightening mood, relieving anger and anxiety, relaxing tense muscles, to calm and promote restful sleep, lower high blood pressure, an aphrodisiac.

Emotional profile: To release emotional guilt, resentment, jealousy, obstinance, frustration and irritability, impatience and self-absorption.

Blends with: Jasmine, vetiver, bergamot, rose, citrus oils.

Warnings: No known contradictions.